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For many years, an old wooden box was buried in the sand at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the author and owner of its contents have remained undiscovered. However, we do know who found them; Paddy Coust'eau.

Inside the box an old parchment scroll was found. Written upon the parchment was what looked like the 10 commandments. Later, while enjoying a Guinness Paddy investigated further into this mysterious parchment.

Paddy Coust’eau came to the conclusion that these commandments weren’t the 10 commandments as we know them, but the 10 Commandments of Diving, more known as The Golden Rules of Diving.

Very few have ever known about the existence of either Paddy Coust’eau or these 10 Commandments. However, we at Golden Rules of Diving feel that it is our responsibility to change this.

We have teamed up with Paddy in order to make divers worldwide aware of these Golden Rules of Diving. Moreover, we want to spread the word and continue to add to what we, one day, hope will be looked upon as the Gospel of Diving.
Divers, no matter where they are from, their history or their future, are known to have their own strong community. We, as divers ourselves, are asking you to follow our lead and inform your diving buddy of these Rules to follow.
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